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Ora and Peler are the two most winds famous Lake Garda and are often exploited by surfers. It is twenty induced to compensate for temperature differences and usually alternate with periodicity daytime. By day, the air in the Alpine valleys warms more than the lake. This causes little pressure to the north of Lake Garda and now starts to blow from the south. Now typically the blows from noon until sunset. The Peler (also called Wind) opposite the wind from the north, which normally blows from late evening until morning. The Peler reaches speeds maximum dawn.
The intensity of these two winds are proportional to the difference baric (in hectopascals [hPa]) between Bolzano and Brescia/Ghedi. Ora blows as soon as the pressure in Brescia/Ghedi high compared to Bolzano. High the difference baric, more the wind on Lake Garda. When the difference baric reverse (pressure; high in Bolzano compared to Brescia/Ghedi) blowing from the north opposite the Peler wind.

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Webcam Garda Lake

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